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Gressa Skin

Pinceau Eyeliner Angle Liner

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Gressa Skin Angle Liner Brush is the perfect ally to apply defined eyeliner using Gressa's creamy Eye Tint eyeshadow.


Apply the creamy Eye tint of your choice with this vegan brush in two ways :
Used slightly dampened to create graphic lines and easy winged shapes,
Used dry for softer and more diffused lines and looks.


Gressa Skin is the fusion of science, love and art, as its lovely founder Svetlana likes to say.

It is indeed the best traditional ancient herbalism can offer, mixed with science and love for a transformative skin experience, yes even with the make-up range.

More than “ only” “green“ beauty, Gressa Skin created an efficient range of care and cosmetics, using the purest ingredients to celebrate healthy skin. They developed their own potent blend, the GRESSA Healing Complex(TM), carefully selected soothing botanical extracts to provide overall balance, radiance and clarity to the skin, even sensitive.
Glamour and sex appeal in a sleek bottle without harsh chemicals, preservatives, silicones or anything harmful to your skin or health.


Made in the USA


Measures: 16cm brush including 0,9cm bristles.

100% cruelty-free Taklon synthetic bristles + sleek wood handle.



Use to apply Gressa's creamy eyeshadows Eye Tint as eyeliners.


Using little product, apply near the lash line with the angled tip.
For define lines, use the brush slightly damp.
For softer, diffused lines use the brush dry.



Care Instructions

1. Dampen the bristles with warm water and lather gently with mild soap or shampoo (Dr Bronner's Liquid Castile Soaps would be perfect for that).
Angle the bristles downward to avoid as much as possible getting water inside the handle.


2. Rinse under warm running water until the water runs clear and soap is thoroughly removed from the bristles.


3. Blot the brush well with a dry cloth and gently reshape.


4. Lay your brush flat, preferably with the bristles "hanging" (the border of a shelf for example) and allow it to air-dry completely before using.


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